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Some general water-related sites (many more links below, please scroll down or use jumps above):

The Water Librarian's Home Page Researcher's big asset 
WWW Virtual Library -- Irrigation Irrigation gateway
Educating young people about water 
Kids Web -- New Jersey AWWA youth area 
Kid's Stuff at the Groundwater Foundation
Educational materials for youth on water. The first link is searchable by grade level and subject.
Ellen Miller Group Communication, planning, and personnel services for water suppliers.
Water Industry News Network Water industry news, databases of companies and organizations and data sources.
University Water Information Network Mishmash of links and sites
Water organizations in the Americas Another one focused on the Americas
Revues des sciences de l'eau Water sciences review -- A general scholarly water journal (abstracts here) 
Global climate issues links (From U.S. State Department)



General environmental, water resources and watershed issues:

American Water Resources Association
The 54 U.S. Water Resources Research Institutes
Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of Interior (water in the West)
U.S. Water News On-Line Multiple links
Inter-American Water Resources Network
U.S. watershed information -- Searcheable information on watershed qualities and features, and "Watershed Academy" for training in "watershed approach" environmental assessment.
Center for Watershed Protection -- Watershed-related training, funding cooperation, training.
Funding sources for watershed issues -- Apply now!
Internet Resources for Environmental Professionals -- Numerous links
USDA Water Quality Information Center -- Soil and water
Links related to animal waste management
Selected WWW water resources sites -- long list from U. of Wyoming, heavy on the government sites
Soil and Water Conservation Society Watersheds, soil, nonpoint-source contamination, etc.
Hydrology Office, National Weather Service
The Utlimate Dam History: Maverick dam building in the U.S. West

Principally public water supply:

American Water Works Assn.
AWWA Research Foundation
National Rural Water Assn. and NRWA Education/Research Foundation
Ohio Water Links
Scott Rubin's Public Utility Home Page Many utility resources
The Utility Connection Including water/wastewater and other utility type connections
National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) -- Sometimes source of studies on the condition of and economics of government involvement in water infrastructure Formerly just Water World Magazine (Pennwell Publishing)
Water Engineering & Management magazine
Civil Engineering News web site often has water topics
Public Works Magazine
Trenchless excavation sites
Backflow and cross-connection control Who would need the Groundwater Disinfection Rule then?
Sewage World! Also water plant websites. A building site.

Principally point-of-entry, point-of-use treatment:

National Trade Publications....Waternet Water Technology Magazine
Water Quality Assn. POU/POE Water sector in general
Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine Another POU/POE journal
Water FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions ("Why is my water 'hard'" and so forth...)
National Well Owners Association -- Information on how to have a quality well of your own

Helping others get safe drinking water...

Lifewater International -- "Christians helping the rural poor obtain safe water"
Global Water Partnership Forum An internet website sponsored by the World Bank and UNDP and devoted to networking for solutions to sustainable water development
Rural development resources -- W.K. Kellogg rural development materials.

Standard-setting organizations:

National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIST)
American Society for Testing and Materials -- ASTM -- concensus standards organization
National Sanitation Foundation Standards and certifications in materials and chemicals

Ohio and regional organizations with watery or science themes:

Operator Training Committee of Ohio -- water/wastewater
Ohio Section AWWA and Ohio Section Small Systems Page (a work in progress)
Indiana Section AWWA
Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters
Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
Ohio Rural Water Association
The Ohio Academy of Science
Wittenberg University Speleological Society -- (WUSS) a secure bunch of people with an interest in caves and karst, good karst/cave-related links. Don't fall for the "cave live cam".

Ground water and wellhead protection sites of interest:

General interest/U.S. national  U.S. sites of regional interest International 

National Ground Water Assn. Ground water information and publications and many links
International Assn. of Hydrogeologists Absolutely the most entertaining geological links worldwide.
"" -- A source of on-line resources, product and services information in ground water, with search capability. Home of "groundwater" discussion list.
International Association for Environmental Hydrology -- Rapid on-line publishing of work and international connections
R.B. Winston's Home Page -- A very pure and large linkage source to ground water and other earth-oriented sites and software.
Hydrology web resources Gateway to many resources
U.S. Geological Survey and USGS Geospatial Resources 
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Publications -- Some pretty useful downloads here
Groundwater & Solid Waste page -- U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine
The Groundwater Foundation
American Ground Water Trust
American Institute of Hydrology -- AIH is dedicated to certification of professional hydrologists
Ground Water Protection Council
The U.S. DOE Nevada Test Site Core Library and Data Center -- Cores, logs, reports -- searchable
American Society for Testing and Materials Publish ground water investigation standards
Listing of U.S. EPA reports on environmental hydrogeology maintained by QED West
C.H.E.S.S. Inc. Hydrogeologic software and extensive hydrogeology links and resources
A list of international and U.S. federal and state geologic agencies (big list, some out of date)
CRC Press Lewis Publishers Numerous environmental and ground water publications.
"A Civil Action" -- Our take on the issues involved in the book and movie, with numerous links.
Training and Education, including groundwater.

National Hydrology Research Institute -- Canada's NHRI ground water area (more links)
British Geological Survey hydrogeologic group -- Good study information, especially on nitrates and pesticides in ground water, geophysics.
GEOPIU` -- Studio di Geologia, Pisa, Italy (An up and coming new group)
Université de Liège (Belgium) -- Géologie de l'Ingénieur, d'Hydrogéologie et d'Géophysique
Water Resources Management and Services, South Africa Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
School of Earth Sciences, Macquarie University, NSW Australia

See also the International Association of Hydrogeologist and International Assn. of Environmental Hydrology links above for many more links internationally.
More here at "Well maintenance and rehabilitation" and "Drilling"

U.S. Ohio and other regional ground water and related topical sites of interest:

Smith-Comeskey Ground Water Science -- Some hydro guys out in western Ohio
Bowling Green State University
Miami University of Ohio
The Ohio State Univ. Dept. of Geological Sciences
University of Toledo
Wright State University Dept. of Geological Science -- featuring the IRIS program in hydrogeology
Ohio MSEA's home site: Ohio Buried valley aquifers.
Ohio's Ground-Water Resources by County
Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium
USGS Ohio activities and contacts
Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters
US EPA Region groundwater links
Hoffer & Associates New England hydrogeology firm, does borehole videos
Institute of Environmental Technology -- maintained by Environmental Litigation Associates, including M.D. Campbell & Associates
Indiana University ground water information -- Source on WHPA delineation and studies in Indiana.
Indiana WETNET -- Indiana resources, including wellhead protection
Pennsylvania Fractured Rock Hydrology Research
North Dakota State Water Commission
University of North Dakota
Illinois State Water Survey ground water area -- Good links, too

Well maintenance and rehabilitation:

See The Well M&R Gateway -- our Well M&R information resource area
ARCC Inc., Daytona Beach, FL -- A leading innovator in well cleaning and sometime partner in slime
BART biofouling detection tests
Operator-10 -- Operations and maintenance software from AllMax Professional Solutions, another product of Ohio's high tech Upper Scioto Valley
NACE International -- The corrosion society (publications, discussion groups on corrosion)
Cranfield Institute - Silsoe College A UK center of well M&R knowledge
Sustainable Water Well Initiative -- Canada's Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration programme
Biofilm research center, Univ. of Montana Significant biofouling-related work
Aquastream Inc.: Domestic US manufacturer of suction flow control devices.
Pro Well -- A well pulsing tool for well development (newly in production)
Sonar Jet -- Water Well Redevelopers Inc.
AWWA Research Foundation Source of "Evaluation and Restoration of Water Supply Wells" and "Methods for Monitoring Fe and Mn Biofouling in Water Supply Wells" -- some of our work.
Leggette, Brashears & Graham -- currently conducting research for AWWARF. Send them your innovations and case histories.
In case you have any doubt that microbes can persist in harsh environments
CRC Press Lewis Publishers In case you somehow missed it, publisher of Stu Smith's book on environmental well M&R and also several other related books worth having.

Microbiology (environmental in general and health and safety):

American Society for Microbiology
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Scientific American article: deep subsurface microbiology
Subsurface Microbiology Symposium (ASM)
The Microbe Files -- Washington State Univ. Intro microbiology instruction material (the basics)
"The Smallest Page on the Web" (An interesting world of microscopy and related topics)
Astrobiology Life beyond Earth, Mars microbe studies, extreme Earth living (serious and fun)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Drilling (the water/environmental/resources "truth machine"):

DRILSHOP -- A growing drilling information area. Don't let the wierd characters scare you off.
National Ground Water Assn. Ground water and wells, information and publications
CRC Press Lewis Publishers Source of new manual Drilling -- The world's best general reference on environmental, water, mining, and geotechnical drilling.
Resources Drilling Programme Sir Sandford Fleming College -- Resident technical and apprentice drilling training in Ontario
Red Deer College -- Home of the Alberta Water Well Apprenticeship programme
Why is drilling training so hard to come by in the biggest market on Earth?
DICAT course in drilling -- A major distance-learning course you can take where you are
National Drillers Buyers Guide -- A great paper. Dead end as a site.
Australian Drilling Industry Association
American Society for Testing and Materials -- Publish drilling-related standards

Training/Continuing Education:

Training and Seminar Locators -- searchable training resource
Resources Drilling Programme Sir Sandford Fleming College -- Resident drilling training in Ontario
DICAT course in drilling -- A major distance-learning course you can take where you are
Operator Training Committee of Ohio -- water/wastewater
National Environmental Training Center -- varied
E3 - Environmental Education Enterprises -- Environmental seminars brought to a location near you
IRIS Interactive Distance Learning in Ground Water
Regional University Programs in Hydrogeology
NGWA Ground Water Education Resources

Ohio and other regional and business information:

Ohio Information
Ohio Department of Development
Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission -- Source of information and resources for development in southern Ohio
BBB Online -- The Better Business Bureau's web site watchdog. This site (in our opinion) conforms to their standards (although we haven't coughed up the generous fee to be rated yet).
Better Business Bureau of West Central Ohio -- Source of information on the practices and services of business in the region (including Smith-Comeskey)
Our Internet service, WCOIL, Lima, Ohio.
CSD Internetworks A Hardin County, Ohio, internet gateway. "Hardin County, a great place to call home!" It's amazing what high tech resourc
es you find here in and near the Upper Scioto Valley (eat your heart out Silicon Valley). Smith-Comeskey is here of course, as is AllMax Professional Solutions. The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce can tell you more. It just goes to show ya that intelligent life and relevance is not confined to big cities. And yes we have corn and bean fields; and thin, courteous traffic, calm achieving schools, and all that.
Ada, Ohio (more coming at this site...) Our world headquarters -- 5000 people, great community services -- water too -- and business attitude, looks nice, friendly, open-minded, climate OK if you like Ohio, home of Ohio Northern University and the Ada Herald. First community in Northwest Ohio with a fully endorsed wellhead protection plan (by Smith-Comeskey), winner of the Ohio AWWA Wellhead Protection Achievement Award and a Groundwater Guardian Community.


NGWA's Ground Water Information Center Large searchable database of ground-water publications
Geo-Index -- "A search engine for geo-professionals" -- environmental/hydrology and, uh, mermaid art search categories

And if that's not good enough for you, try one of these (from a Yahoo search).

"Measure for Measure" -- Amazing and humorous collection of conversion and calculation tools "Virtual library" Miscellaneous environmental links, SI conversions, etc...